Veganism in Germany 🇩🇪

Hey, long time no see! 💕

Did you know that Germany is one of the best places to be vegan? The German supermarkets have a wide range of vegan products and it has become usual to find e.g. vegan cheese, chocolate, soy yoghurt, tofu sausages etc. Recognizing vegan products is also easy since we have official vegan seals. And if not you can often go to the website and look for more product information. DM (a popular drug store for cosmetics and a organic food section) for example has a website where you can search their products to get the information you need. Even for make-up or other cosmetics. Germany has also cruelty-free seals to show that cosmetic products are not tested on animals.


 <ーvegan seals

Going out for lunch/dinner is also no problem because there are many vegan restaurants and ordinary restaurants are trying to keep up with the trend and are offering vegan options.

We also have a big vegan summer festival and on other music festivals for example there are also often vegan food trucks!

You should definitely come to Germany and see and try our diversity of vegan products! ^_^